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news of the world, 43-year-old rebecca brooks, was arrested yesterday. she was released some 12 hours later. both have denied any wrongdoing. news core is the parent company of news of the world as well as fox 5. >>> two political workers for maryland governor. are due in court today. they conspired to use oboe calls on election day to discourage voters from going to the pollings. supporters of martin o'malley received calls telling them to relax because he had already won. >>> now to the debt debate. the white house budget director says president obama thinks there is still time to come to a grand deal that would increase the nation's borrowing authority while reducing long- term deficits, the government will default on august 2nd if lawmakers do not increase to raise the debt ceiling seeing. now we have a scope gap measure coming up for vote but if it passes it will face a tough fight in the house. >>> casey anthony now out of jail in hiding this mornings after her release early yesterday. anthony got into a waiting suv and disappeared from the public eye. fox news correspondent cas
gives his testimony. he is not the only one. his son james murdoch and rebecca brooks also will testify before parliament this morning. news of the testimony sent news corp. stock plunging throughout the week. nip who checked yop line for t he -- anyone who checked online was redirected to a site talking about rupert's body being found in his garden. >>> sherry ly has details on some crimes. >> reporter: the guardian angels will be out here on patrol. just yesterday, a man entering the trail here at 8th and edgewood was robbed at gunpoint. the rash of crimes began in may with five incidents along the metropolitan branch trail. police did make an arrest in june but then in july, another spike. yesterday, a man on a bike spoted a young man hanging around the trail. as he passed, the suspect pulled out the gun. he got the victim's wallet and two cell phones. this follows two other robberies in less than two weeks. some who use the trail say it can be isolated and they have their own ideas on how to defend themselves. >> kind of thinking where would you go. really nowhere to run. >> if they
stations for the entire weekend for repairs. we are talking about these stations. twin brook, white flint, grovner medical center stops. closures will affect every line essentially at various time. metro says it allow it is to get the work done faster and safer. >> it's everything from track work and rail fasteners and cleaning of the stations and platform repairs, lighting, landscaping, signal work, track circuit replacement. >> we really need to bring our metro system up to snuff and run it in such a way that the passengers are not hurt all the time. >> the red line will have five stations closed in late august. we set up a link to the construction project and the scheduled closures on myfoxdc.com. >>> over the past couple of weeks government talks have centered around something called the debt ceiling but what does it all mean and what could it mean for your mortgage or 401(k) or even your social security? we show you what could happen. >> reporter: what would you do if your 401(k) tanked? if the interest rates on your credit cards and mortgages skyrocketed? in the military? what if yo
rebecca brooks denied paying police for information. news corp. is the parent company of fox 5. >>> new allegations against vince gray's campaign. did some campaign workers accept more cash than the law allows or was it all a misunderstanding. >> we'll hear why mayor gray says the investigation should continue. >> hazy, hot and humid conditions continue. here comes the heat wave. lauren has a look at your on- time traffic in just a minute. your favorites, in pieces. ♪ ♪ hershey's chocolate syrup. stir up a smile. >>> a live pick outside. that is the wilson bridge. hot outside. we have a programming remind they're this week, our region will honor history, 150 years since the battle of manassas. it was the first major fight of the civil war. tomorrow, we will take the show on the road to manassas for an in-depth look at the legacy of what happened there. you don't want to miss that. that is tomorrow morning on fox 5 morning news. >>> let's check in with tucker. we will all be pretty warm when we were outside tomorrow. >> we will be on the hot
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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